Case Study: Radiology Capacity Improvement

Is Your Radiology Department Capacity Constrained?

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When procedure cycle times are too long, it limits the capacity in Radiology and on outpatient care units. This reduces patient throughput and creates backlogs, resulting in lower revenues. And compounding delays increases length of stay, extends patient wait times, and contributes to physician and patient dissatisfaction.

How Can You Get Rapid, Sustainable Results for Your Radiology Department?

A Value Stream Analysis and Rapid Improvement Workshop can identify where the bottlenecks are, what opportunities for improvement exist, and how to quickly implement solutions that your staff will agree are going to both improve performance and make their jobs easier.

What Kind of Problems Can Be Solved?

Improvement workshops uncover root causes such as scheduling inefficiencies, an inadequate stang model, noncompliance with regulatory requirements, communication gaps, non value-added activities, bottlenecks, and misuse of resources. Then we focus a team from your organization on implementing innovative solutions that require little or no capital investment. As a result, you rapidly achieve high-impact, low-cost performance improvements.

What Are the Results?

Download this case study to see how a team from one hospital was able to achieve:

  • Outpatient procedure cycle time reduced 40%
  • Inpatient procedure cycle time reduced 20%
  • CT capacity and revenue increased 50%



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