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We offer a wide variety of training courses designed to develop the critical process improvement skills needed by today’s professionals. To accomplish this, our training experts created programs that include a balance of classroom interaction, team exercises, visual aids, and hands-on process simulations to maximize learning. Training is coupled with real projects that participants complete to gain practical experience – and see real results. Moreover, our project mentoring and leadership coaching services help ensure success from the classroom to the field.

We understand that people require a unique kind of training experience to generate real interest and commitment. Training is the building block of the enterprise’s transition to a culture of continuous process improvement. For this reason, training is delivered using these key adult learning principles:

  • Our facilitators guide participants through the training material as a means for discovery and actively adjust their delivery to the audience’s own interests and experience.

  • Each section establishes learning objectives and delivers them through practical examples that are customized for each specific industry so that participants can relate concepts to their own work responsibilities.

  • Content is reinforced throughout the sessions using highly interactive techniques that provide immediate feedback and enable facilitators to make adjustments and close learning gaps.


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