TRIZ Innovation Methods Training

Course Length: 2 days

This training is offered to process improvement practitioners and deployment leaders to produce breakthrough solutions to problems. Using this training enables participants to practice the most popular innovation tools for their problems. Participants will understand how innovation leaders such as Intel, Honeywell, Cummins, Caterpillar, 3M, and many other Fortune 500 businesses, incorporate TRIZ tools into their Lean, Six Sigma and other improvement programs and how TRIZ tools help Green, Black and Master Black Belts to produce breakthrough process improvements.

Primary Topics

  • Fundamentals of Innovation with TRIZ
  • Generating Superior Solutions without Compromise
  • Ideal Final Result and Ideality
  • Dealing with System Constraints
  • Functional Analysis and Trimming
  • Substance-Field Analysis
  • Seventy-Six Standard Solutions
  • Identification and Utilization of Idle Resources
  • Talented Thinking
  • Thinking in Time and Space

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to use the TRIZ tools in combination with Lean, Six Sigma DMAIC and DFSS, TOC and other CPI methods in solving business challenges
  • Know the fundamentals of creative problem solving; TRIZ history and philosophy
  • Use the TRIZ matrix to solve technical and physical contradictions
  • Understand the 40 Inventive Principles and 39 features
  • Be able to solve difficult problems by optimizing and understanding resources

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