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Defense Logistics Agency provides the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, other federal agencies, and combined and allied forces with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition and technical services. The Agency sources and provides nearly 100 percent of the consumable items America’s military forces need to operate, from food, fuel and energy, to uniforms, medical supplies, and construction and barrier equipment. DLA also supplies more than 84% of the military’s spare parts. In addition, the Agency manages the reutilization of military equipment, provides catalogs and other logistics information products, and offers document automation and production services. The Defense Logistics Agency is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, VA.

The DLA Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Program has been a key component of the Agency’s complex business process transformation, undertaken during a time of war and in the wake of BRAC 2005, which directed significant expansion in DLA’s role as principal supplier to Joint Forces. Exposed major sources of hidden capacity across the world’s largest supply chain. Operational environment consists of Headquarters with 5 major business units and 6 geographically distributed primary field activities conducting planning, management, and distribution of more than $40B in material.

DLA contracted with NOVACES to deliver strategic, enterprise-scale process improvement to assist senior executives in identifying strategic performance gaps, applying Government and commercial best practices, utilizing CPI tools to solve problems, managing improvement projects that directly enhance mission effectiveness, and helping the customer build an organic capability to sustain the improvement activity.

NOVACES provided a full range of CPI support, creating a single, enterprise solution for DLA HQ, 6 primary field activities, and numerous supporting facilities. The program focused on 1) standardizing CPI practice through the use of consistent and repeatable methods and tools across the Agency; 2) creating a self-sustaining CPI Enterprise through an organic capability to execute and generate CPI benefits; 3) institutionalizing CPI to create a continuous process improvement culture; and 4) achieving and sustaining recognition as a CPI leader within the DoD and Federal communities.During our support of DLA, we helped the agency complete more than 122 improvement projects returning a dollar benefit of $330M along with critical mission-effectiveness enhancements.

DLA CPI Branch Chief: “Without NOVACES, I would have no CPI deployment.”

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