MediSim™: A Lean Six Sigma Simulation for Healthcare
Ready-to-Train Simulation Kit


Simulation Overview
Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and solutions are  best learned through hands-on application, even with the assistance of the most expert instructor. By using MediSim during training courses, healthcare professionals are able to apply these important concepts to a simulated inpatient medication process. Participants practice being change leaders in various scenarios that are designed based on real-world experience in hospitals. Importantly, the simulation is flexible enough to be used in any level of training - Lean Expert, Green Belt or Black Belt.

Benefits for your training program:

  • Ready-to-train kit significantly reduces the high cost of developing a custom simulation. 
  • Simulation of a hospital process that healthcare participants can really 
    relate to. 
  • Opportunity for healthcare professionals to quickly experience the kind of performance improvements that Lean Six Sigma is capable of producing. 
  • Application of both the technical skills and change leadership skills in a simulated environment. 
  • Flexibility to use MediSim to reinforce Lean and Six Sigma as an integrated methodology or to teach separately based on organization preferences. 
  • Amplification of project and workshop benefits as a result of improved 
    training quality.

Learning points:

MediSim enables instructors to demonstrate and generate interactive dialogues about topics that are essential to developing true Lean Six Sigma practitioners.

Six Sigma
5S System
Value Stream Analysis
Pull process
Visual management
Mistake proofing
Batch reduction
Continuous flow
Rapid Improvement Workshops

Voice of the Customer
Cause and Effect Diagram
Measurement System Analysis
Root cause analysis
Sigma level
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Statistical Process Control
Hypothesis testing
Control Plans

Facilitation options: 

  • Our instructors facilitate the simulation during a Lean Six Sigma training delivered for your healthcare facility. 
  • You select instructors from your organization to become certified to facilitate MediSim.

What’s included:

  • Simulation supplies and equipment 
  • Training materials and exercises 
  • Facilitator guide 
  • Electronic files for unlimited in-house printing 
  • On-site facilitator training 

Licensing options:
MediSim is available as a three-year unlimited internal use license or for use on a per training basis. Alternative options are available to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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