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Introduction to Minitab®

Duration:1 day

This introductory course provides participants with the fundamental skills to operate Minitab and perform basic data analysis. Learners work through practical examples and data worksheets to identify root causes and create reports in Minitab ReportPad™. This is a perfect course for those wishing to progress from analysis using Microsoft Excel to a more powerful analysis tool. It is also an option for those who need additional exposure to the software after attending a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt course.

Participants will learn:

  • The basic functions of Minitab including data worksheets, the session window, ReportPad and project manager.
  • How to conduct basic analysis of data sets including descriptive statistics, graphical summary, cause-effect diagrams, histograms, doplots, Pareto charts, times series plots and more.

Advanced Analysis with Minitab

Duration: 1 day

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Minitab. It teaches advanced analysis techniques that are typically applied in Black Belt projects. Participants will spend time during this course gaining hands-on experience in open-ended problems. They will identify which analysis tool is best to apply and learn to use Minitab for advanced analysis.

Participants will learn Minitab operations:

  • To create various types of Minitabcontrol charts for continuous and attribute data.
  • To analyze data and draw conclusions for attribute and continuous measurement system analysis.
  • To use Minitab tables for analyzing attribute data.
  • To detect differences in data sets using hypothesis testing.
  • To identify relationships between factors and predict future process results using regression analysis.

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